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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Korotya Family Grows

Today was an exciting day for our church family. Sergei and Luda Korotya brought home their new "bundle of joy" - Sasha. They are proud guardians, in the process of adoption. Sergei is the chief doctor on the first floor of the Baby Hospital. He has worked for years with the abandoned children and has such a heart for these children. But late one night last month he simply fell in love with an abandoned child who was brought to the hospital only hours after birth. So when Sergei expressed his desire to Luda, they began the process of seeking guardianship of "Sasha." Today that process was completed and they were able to take Sasha home. It was quite a day, both at the hospital where all of Sergei's co-workers threw a great celebration, and at the Korotya's home where they were finally able to welcome Sasha. Please keep the Korotya family in your prayers as they make the adjustments of having a new baby in the house.

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