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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Update on Lora and crew

After only a week away from the States Lora and the Barnes family are making remarkable progress on the adoption. All the paperwork preceding the court date is complete and they will have their court hearing on Friday morning. After that there is a waiting period (10 days) then they can complete the process in Kiev at the American Embassy and the National Adoption Center of Ukraine. They hope to be back home in the States on April 13th.
They are also checking on the progress at the Family Care Center. The weather is finally changing to spring so the pace of work will pick up shortly. The electrician has begun collecting supplies (an even bigger job than actually doing the work!) and he is set to begin installation soon. The plumbers have been hard at work for months and are approaching the end of their job. We should be ready to start the actual renovation of the apartments in the next six weeks.
The parliamentary elections in Ukraine happened last Sunday without incident and they are still tabulating the results. No one had an overwhelming margin so a coalition government will be formed. There is a lot of discussion currently about who will make up the coalition and what concessions will have to be made to form the majority. Please keep the political situation in your prayers.

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