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Friday, May 26, 2006

Expanding Kingdom

We were thrilled last Sunday when Ira Grabko's parents, Vladimir and Svetlana, were baptized. They have been watching Ira's life closely, especially for the past few years, and they have seen her live as a faithful disciple of Jesus and they have noticed that God is blessing her life richly, through growing children, her marriage to Igor, and their adoption of Katya. Last week they watched "The Passion of the Christ" together and it gave Ira a chance to share the gospel message to them in response to their questions raised by the movie. They were moved by the love of Jesus and his willingness to suffer himself in order to help them. The power of the gospel is truly amazing. Nearly fifteen years of prayers were answered "YES" when I baptized Ira's mother and father last Sunday. The pictures are from the baptisms and show a happy church family.


Christine said...

How exciting to see the evidence of answered prayers!!! We rejoice in the expansion of the kingdom with you! Keep up the faith -

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! Praise GOD! Your all in our thoughts and prayers!!! Janet

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!!! Good news !!
Praise God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Rachael

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