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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Family Care Center Progress

The weather has remained unseasonably warm (which means mostly above freezing!) for the past month. What a blessing from God. Thanks to those who prayed for the warmer weather.
We thought we had everything we needed to hook up to the city gas line, but recently discovered that the arrangements we had made were not going to work after all. Nothing is easy in dealing with the gas company here! However, Igor has done a great job in getting a new way worked out and it seems that we will have gas flow very soon. In the pictures above you can see some work done with the gas pipes. Vova and Oleg are close to finishing the boiler room as well so we should have heat throughout the building soon.
We have started building some of the balconies on the outside of the apartments, as you can see in pictures above. The warm weather gave us a window to start working on them before spring.
Inside the sheet rock crew is almost finished with the first wing and have already sent a few workers to make preparations to move to the larger wing. It is so amazing to walk around in the building and see the progress. Thanks to everyone who has prayed and/or donated to this project. It is going to be a great home for our precious children and their foster families.

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