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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt and Party

Saturday, April 8th, we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Nearly 40 kids attended and quite a few parents. As usual the kids had a great time hunting eggs and playing games. This year Lora had a craft for the kids, a bag/backpack to decorate then use to collect the eggs. We also had a great meal following the egg hunt.
We hope that you have a great Easter wherever you are. Because of the resurrection of Jesus we are all full of new life - kingdom life!


Contact Information said...

Happy Easter! He is not here... he is risen! I have been thinking about you and your family quite a bit lately. I truly miss you and the inspiration that you give by the way that God works in your life. I hope that we can catch up with each other soon. Please add me to your news letter ( We are keeping you in our prayers. Take care.

Katharine Mallett said...

I saw your video on youtube and I thought I'd say hello. I was in the Donetsk area last summer (Krasnogorovka to be specific)was able to see the amazing things God is doing in this part of Ukraine. God has really put Ukraine on my heart recently and I hope to go back to Krasnogorovka this summer. Please can you add me to your newsletter? I would love to pray with you as you minister to these young children. My email is ( Maybe we'll run into eachother sometime in the future.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Mishalove said...

Hi Kenny, also saw your video on youtube and we are very active in helping ukraine - mostly with life2orphans and on our own. we have a friend in kharkiv who may be a good contact for you - he is a pediatrician for one of the baby houses in kharkiv, and he is very "western" minded and has come to the USA for training with my husband. We live in Atlanta, so not far from y'all.

David Webb said...

Hi Kenny -

This is David Webb. I think you and I went to college together at Faulkner. Am I right? (Email me at BTW, I know Brett White from many moons ago, as well.


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