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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Working at the Baby Hospital

We have been working hard at the Baby Hospital for the past week. We had curtains made back in September and last week I hung new curtain rods in all the rooms (not as easy as it sounds!). Lora made all the necessary modifications so they hang to the floor in each room. In addition we purchased two new rugs for the playroom and a new bench seat. The rugs are larger than the old ones and the kids love the extra room to crawl and play on the plush carpet.
Monday a team from our church family worked cleaning off whitewash and preparing a room for painting. Tuesday we painted the room complete with Frogs and Dragonflies. The kids could not stop coming in to visit us while we were working (lots of staff members found reasons to wander in as well!). More pictures later, keep checking back...

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Lor said...

wonderful!!! Love what you guys are doing!!

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