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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Final room at Baby Hospital

We finished the final room at the Baby Hospital this week. What a great group of workers volunteered from the church family to help with this project. Special thanks to Tanya, Olga, Lena, Luda, Lena, Tanya, Lora, Vica, and Victoria for all their hard work. The rooms are so warm and inviting that the nurses have commented that they would like to live in them! It is important to provide a wonderful place for our precious children to live so they know that they are greatly loved by Jesus and his people. Thanks for your help with supporting the Abandoned Babies and Children Program. Your sacrifices are touching many lives in Ukraine.


Anonymous said...

This is GREAT! What an achievement to have all the rooms decorated! Miss you all SO MUCH! A Foster

Debbie said...

I am touched that you are doing this for the children. I need to read the rest of your blog when I get a chance! My husband and I are prospective adoptive parents, and we also belive the Lord is leading us to go on mission trips to Ukraine. Many of my husband's relatives were born in Ukraine, too! May the Lord bless you and your work.

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