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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Church Family and Emerging Youth Group

We had a good day of worship today in Gorlovka. It is late November and we are still waiting for our first snow (thankfully!). The fellowship at the church is warm and inviting. Today we had a birthday party for Lena, a neighbor lady who has been attending regularly for quite a while. Lena's granddaughter, Dasha, has been coming to classes and Children's Bible School for years.

We are working on building up a new youth group with young teens. They have three classes each weekend - on Friday with Olga Farkovets teaching, on Saturday with Ira Grabko teaching, and on Sunday with Kenny Payne teaching. They are still a "little wild" but they are good kids with a great deal of potential. When I teach them and play with them I always remember starting our first group about nine years ago.

Please keep the church family in your prayers. The financial crisis is hitting many of them close to home - with forced leave without pay from work, and the constant fear that pensions will not be paid each month. Of course, it is always the children, the elderly and the poor who suffer first and suffer most in such difficult times.

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