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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Children's Bible School Report

Our second night of Bible School was a rain out - it started raining in the middle of the first center, so we had to move all the kids inside and we just watched the movie and ate popcorn. The kids still had a great time and they wanted to make sure that we would do the same craft (which one group did and all the other kids saw) the next day. For the last two days we set up canopies and had a "rain plan" firmly in place, but thankfully we did not need it. Last night we had more than 70 kids (which sent us scrambling because we planned for 60)! It was great. We hope that many of these kids will begin attending our regular weekly classes.

I think the biggest surprise of Bible School this year was how many young children (ages 4-7) attended. They were everywhere! While that is a challenging age to keep engaged, they are also fun to work with and a delight to teach. Be praying that we will be able to effectively reach out to these kids in the coming years.

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