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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Update and Happy Thanksgiving

As you may have seen on international news, Ukraine has been under a quarantine to attempt to halt the spread of the flu epidemic. The kids were out of school for three weeks and all large public gatherings were banned. We are working on renovating an apartment for storage and guests who visit and decided to let the kids help us with some wall removal. They worked really hard for a couple of days and wanted to be rewarded with a lock-in. Last Friday night I gave them their wish. We all had a great time together and did not get much sleep (because the kids wanted to talk all night long). The quarantine is finally over and the kids have returned to school (much to the joy of their parents)!

Our church family is doing well despite several folks who have had the flu. We began a new mid-week class on Christian Identity in a Pagan World (Lessons from 1 Peter). All our children's and teen/college age classes are going well, too. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today (as we are) we hope that you will praise God for the many blessings he has given to you and your family. Thanks for being such faithful ministry partners.

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