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Monday, February 15, 2010

Great Weekend in Gorlovka

The weekends in Gorlovka are full of classes and other events and this weekend was no exception. Lora and Leanna Payne teach a young children's for about ten kids; they are learning both the English alphabet and language and Bible stories. Of course, there are crafts, snacks and playtime! The young teens have a class at 2 PM taught by Ira Grabko and then at 4 PM another class tuaght by Kenny Payne. They also have a class on Sunday at 2 PM taught by Kenny Payne - they just can't get enough of being together as a group. The older teens and college age meet on Saturday nights at 7 PM.

This weekend we also attended an event for older teens/college age called Exit. Our college age girls made presents to give to everyone - a candy bar wrapped in a decorated wrapper with Jeremiah 29:11 handwritten on each bar. Exit was a great event that focused on the meaning of love - hosted on Valentine's Day. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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K. Pirkle said...

Do you work with a specific agency for adoption of the children there. What ages are available for adoption? Thanks,Karen

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