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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Helping The Children

Today we delivered Pampers, wipes, detergent and food to the Baby Hospital. The Hospital was in the middle of inspections so we did not go visit with the babies. As always the staff was very helpful to move the supplies to the appropriate places.

Last week we created a "store" at Hope Orphanage. The kids will be working at their regular chores to earn the opportunity to shop at the store. This will teach the kids the value of work and the relationship between good work and good rewards, an important life skill. We put in shelving and stocked the store with all kinds of good items. There are snacks, of course, and many inexpensive items. There are also some items that will require saving to purchase - we want the kids to learn to save up for things they really want (another important life skill)!

Thanks to all our sponsors who make it possible for us to help the abandoned and orphaned children in Gorlovka. You are changing lives through your continuing generosity.

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Winnie said...


I adopted my son from Artemovsk baby house two years ago. I've been told it has been closed or is near it. I'm not sure the rumours run rampant.

Anyway I have an expensive pair of infant/toddler glasses that are a rubbery frame that are close to indestructable. The Rx in the lenes is -14 in each eye I beleive, I can get a for sure reading on them if you need it. Anyhow since Artemovsk seems to be in such turmoil and you have connections at the baby house there I was hoping that you could find a good home for them? My son was so delayed when we brought him home simply because he could not see more than a foot or so in front of him, he really blossomed once he got those glasses! Please feel free to reach me
SJKarnes @ madisontelco. com remove spaces of course. If you want to see the glasses look in the May 2008 posts or so of my blog.

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