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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ABC Update

Today we bought and delivered Pampers and supplies for the children at the Baby Hospital. Although we arrived at nap-time I was still able to get some good pictures of the kids.

We had a nice visit with the head nurse who told us about one of the children who was adopted from the baby hospital about 8 years ago by a Ukrainian family. The family is interested in adopting another child and they recently visited the baby hospital. The little girl was so overwhelmed by the precious children that she told her mother, "We just have to take one of these children home!" This girl, who is now about 10, does not know that she is adopted (many Ukrainians think it is better for adopted children not to know about their adoption). It was almost overwhelming for the head nurse to see the strong emotion and desire to help from a child who herself was in the same situation not too many years ago. It reminded me that we are all blessed so that we will become a blessing for others.

Thanks to all our sponsors who make it possible to bless these precious children.

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