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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hope Orphanage Events

Last weekend we took three groups of kids from Hope Orphanage shopping at the Andreski market in Gorlovka. The kids were shopping for jeans, jackets, sweat suits, socks, shoes, and other items they were interested in purchasing. It is humbling and rewarding to go shopping with these kids. The way they help each other, share their money with one another, and offer advice to each other is amazing to watch.

This week we shopped for items for the youngest nine children who did not go shopping over the weekend (it is much easier to shop for, as opposed to shopping with, these young children). We also bought lots of good things to be placed in the Sparrow's Hope store. While shopping, several of the kids talked to me about how much they like having the priviliege of shopping at the store and also how they have been doing extra jobs to increase their account for shopping!

Thanks to all those who sponsor a child through the Sparrow's Hope program, you generosity is changing lives at Hope Orphanage. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please follow the Sparrow's Hope link at the bottom of this blog page.

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