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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Sponsors, Travel, Prayers...

The Payne family has been in the United States for the past couple of months. We return to Ukraine on Monday, March 7, 2011. Please keep us in your prayers - for a safe arrival for our family and all our luggage. Thanks.

We are happy to report that all the 50 children currently living at Hope Orphanage are now sponsored! We have made presentations at the Palo Alto Church of Christ in Panama City, Florida; the North Augusta Church of Christ in North Augusta, South Carolina; and at the Beattie Road Church of Christ in Albany, Georgia. Thanks to all our sponsors, both new and long-term, for sharing your blessings with the kids at Hope. Your generosity is changing lives.

We have new passports and visas and are excited about getting back home to Ukraine! Thanks to all of our ministry partners; we love you and consider you a blessing from God.

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Courtney said...

Kenny, I'm in Kyiv right now (with our two new daughters) and will be here through at least March 11. Mark will be here on March 6. We'd love to see you guys if you have any time in Kyiv! My phone number is 099-548-3941. Hope you guys have a great trip--we flew through Dusseldorf this time and like it MUCH better. ;)

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