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Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy Week In Gorlovka

We have had a great week in Gorlovka. The classes were full this weekend. Fourteen boys at young teen class, and two girls! (Exactly the opposite from several years ago). Game night was lots of fun with nearly 30 people. Our Saturday night Bible class was a real treat because Dasha, Masha, Zhenya and Vanya from our "old youth group" were there as well as kids from the current group. We had a fellowship (cakes, coffee and tea) following worship on Sunday, and this morning Dasha and I took a cake to the Baby Hospital for Dr. Sergei Korotya's 50th birthday. There are currently 9 kids in the ABC program.

Thanks to all our donors who make it possible for us to work with the people of Gorlovka, Ukraine. At Bible class Saturday night we were talking about the different blessings God has given us and Vanya said, "I cannot imagine a better place to grow up than in our neighborhood - with the church family loving and serving the kids who grow up here." He should know - he was one of those kids and now he is drawing great strength from his church family at a difficult time in his life. Jesus is working in the hearts of his people. Thanks for being part of the Cross Culture family.

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