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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Letter from Vanya Litvinov concerning the situation in Ukraine

An appeal to all my Russian friends!

I am Ukrainian, I am from Donetsk and I want everybody to hear my words and share them with others. There is no other danger in Ukraine right now than the danger of a war with Russia! Inside our country we have no confrontation among our citizens, Ukrainians, Russians, Tartars, or any other nationalities. I live in the East of ...the country but travel a lot around Ukraine. Do not believe the lies of Russian mass media that people of western Ukraine hate and threaten those who live in the east, south, the Crimea. This is disinformation and an outright lie! We are one country, one people, and the only threat we face now is the undisguised aggression from our northern neighbour in the face of the Russian President! WE ARE NOT ASKING HIM FOR HELP, WE CAN DEAL WITH ALL OF OUR DIFFICULTIES IN OUR COUNTRY ON OUR OWN!
I read Russian news, I spoke with my friends in Russia over the phone and it's obvious that your are being lied to by your own government. Make your own conclusion as to why Putin wants his troops in Ukraine but don't believe that we, Ukrainians, need it!
We want peace, we want to live in our own country and solve our problems with our own efforts! And the biggest problem we have now - is the Russian threat to invade my country!

Do not let this happen - tell the truth to everyone who doesn't know it yet!

By Vanya Litvinov

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