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Monday, August 03, 2015

Life in Gorlovka

Everyday when I talk with Tanya I ask the same question. "Is it quiet?" Sometimes the answer is "yes" and sometimes "no.' Sometimes I get a story about being awakened in the middle of the night by bombs falling, not miles away on the outskirts of town, but blocks away in the center. This morning those bombs fell on the bus terminal at the other end of Pushkin Street about four blocks from our house.

On Sunday morning it was three blocks away in the other direction on Rudakova Street. There are no military installations at these sites, just neighborhoods where ordinary people live. Unfortunately it is also becoming more frequent that these are the sites where ordinary people die. Please keep these people in your prayers.

Despite the bombs falling, life goes on. Tanya sent some wonderful pictures of children attending Bible class - these young people are living in a life-threatening situation 24/7 and they are needing a source of hope and love. Tanya is teaching them that Jesus is that source!

Thanks for being ministry partners with us as we share the love of Jesus with the people of Ukraine. Please keep them all in your daily prayers.

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