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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fall In Gorlovka

The weather is changing, leaves are falling off the trees. A cold front will be blowing through in a couple of days. The signs are pointing to winter that is surely on its way. Yet there is much to do before the snow arrives. We are working diligently to get the windows replaced in one wing of the kindergarten so that the brick work can be completed before the cold prevents us from doing it. I hope to paint the outside of the worship room next week. The plumbing work is progressing quickly and the electrical contractor will begin his work soon. The architect is completing drafts of the project this week and we should be able to pick them up next week. Please keep all the work at the children's home project in your prayers.

We are having good attendance at worship and Bible studies. There is a lot of excitment in the church family right now. Our new sisters are doing great in their new walk with Jesus.

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Adam said...

So, you just decided to start a new blog, huh? Good stuff.

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