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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Baby Stories

(Tim with Sasha Korotya) (Child found last week in Gorlovka)

I have had the opportunity to visit with Sergei and Luda Korotya a couple of times in the past week. It has been very enjoyable to hear of their "new life" with Sasha. He is growing and is a very plesant baby. They are so thrilled to have him in their family.
When Sergei and Luda took Sasha home from the hospital, some of the nurses who work with Sergei thought they would move so that no one would know that Sasha is adopted. There is a stigma here about adoption and many people do not know the joys of adding a child to their family. Well, time has passed and Sergei is being a faithful witness to the power of adoptive love. Now one of the nurses on his floor is interested in adotping a little boy who was recently found abandoned on the street in a plastic shopping bag. We are praying for her famiy as they begin the process.
Yesterday Luda told us about her cousin who visited in Gorlovka recently and discovered that the Korotya's adopted Sasha. She was quite surprised. Then Luda said, "You should really consider doing it. You need a little girl in your family." Well, her cousin looked at her like that was the worst suggestion she had ever heard. But a day or two ago, she received a call from her cousin who said, "I have been dreaming about your suggestion. Each day as I walk to work I imagine holding my baby girl. I have already figured out where to put her bed. We are coming to Gorlovka soon and getting a baby!"
Please pray for our precious children and the families that God has in mind to adopt them.

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Anonymous said...

Praise GOD! Waiting on our answered prayer of a little boy, just for us. Please pray for GOD's will in our life and adoption situation. We are hopeful that our son is just dreaming of his new mommy and daddy and big sister....

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