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Monday, February 13, 2006

Successful Trip...

I am now back in Panama City, Florida after a short trip to Gorlovka. I was accompanied by Ray Wilcox and Tim Spencer. Ray is a video production specialist who is working on a DVD for the Family Care Center project. Tim is a friend from the Palo Alto Church of Christ who accompanied me to help with whatever projects came up! He did not know before going the kinds of projects that can arise in Ukraine...

We had a great trip and Ray and Tim were both favorably impressed with their Ukrainian experience. If you would like to read about their adventures in Gorlovka click on this link: I think you will find their blog enjoyable.

The church family is doing well in Gorlovka. All our services and classes are well attended despite the severe cold. I will attach a few pictures of recent events with the church family.

Please keep the Family Care Center project in your prayers. We have an ambitious schedule that will only be possible with your prayers and God's blessings.

Grace and peace,
Kenny Payne

1 comment:

Jennie&Jeff said...

Followed your trip and glad it was a safe one (albeit cold). Read the link to Ray's blog as well and it's funny how we all come away from Gorlovka w/ some of the same impressions (all good). Know that Jennie and I think of you all often and the friends we have in Gorlovka, we have an overwhelming sense we'll see them all again. Please tell Lora, Leanna, Dima, and Lexi we said hello.

Always in awe,

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