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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Family Care Center Update

The work at the Family Care Center is finally moving in the direction of positive construction! All the demolition is complete and we are working hard to complete two second floor apartments. The bedrooms have been created with metal studs and most of the sheet-rock is up. The electrician has done the wiring and the heating pipes and radiators have been installed. It is so exciting to visit and be able to discern the layout of the apartment. The bathrooms have been studded and the plumbers are almost finished with all the plumbing there - each apartment has two bathrooms! (This is an extreme luxury in Ukraine). In the larger bathroom there is also going to be a washer/dryer combo. The kitchen and living areas are also moving along nicely. Soon we will begin building the balconeys. We hope to have these two apartments completed in about a month. Please keep the project in your prayers.

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