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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Pushkin Gardens

Our teens have been working hard the past couple of weeks on community improvement projects. To earn their spot for the Yalta Retreat the kids have to work in the neighborhood around the church and make a difference in the appearance of our community. Today we completed a great project that took a lot of effort. Unfortunately I did not take "before" pictures, so those who have never been here cannot imagine what it may have looked like. Let me assure you this is a great improvement and all our neighbors can't believe the beautiful garden we have created. People walking by stop and comment about it wondering why this is not happening at their buildings. Some folks from a nearby building have started asking if we want to buy an apartment in their building.
One great result of all this work on our common space is that many neighbors have pitched in to help. Probably the greatest surprise has been the enthusiasm of two couples who used to complain constantly about the church meeting in their building. They are outside everyday inspecting what's new and getting their hands involved with the work! Pray that our gardens will prove as effective in touching the hearts of our neighbors as the playground has been.


Jennie&Jeff said...

WOW!! Y'all are something else! What a wonderful job and we pray that it is "contagious". Thinking of you guys often and praying for everyone there. Tell them all hello for us.

Jeff, Jennie, Justin, Jacob, Jenna, Eddie

Lezlie Underwood Owsley said...

Wow, this is amazing. I cry every time I review the blog. I'm so excited for the growth and the beauty. God's blessing and protection on you daily!


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