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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Our Precious ABC (Abandoned Babies and Children) Kids

One of the most rewarding, and most emotionally draining, aspects of our work in Gorlovka, Ukraine is the care we provide for the abandoned and orphaned children. Walking through the hospital halls and into the rooms of the children is usually a joy and there is a sense of anticipation about seeing the children. Then you hold them, feed them, pray over them, and think about their situations. You want to “bring them all home” but you know you cannot. The walk away from the children can be absolutely depressing.
And yet… I remember when the children laid for hours in their beds without good diapers, without much food or drink, and, sadly, without nurture and interaction. Children who were two and three years old could not walk or talk. The children were “frozen” at the point of their abandonment – and their lives, not to mention their souls, withered. But thanks to the help of many Christians a new day has dawned in their lives. They now receive good meals, pampers, lots of love and attention and the facility where they live is suited to their needs. Your help in providing for these precious children is greatly appreciated. While we do not talk about the babies all the time, they are benefiting from your generosity 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. When you look in their eyes, you see all the thanks you need to keep you working for the children!

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