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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Family Care Center Update

A lot of progress has been made at the Family Care Center site in the past few months. Two of the eight apartments are well on their way to being totally completed. As you can see in the pictures the sheetrock is finished, tile is going up in the bathrooms, and the ceilings have been dropped in. Work is continuing on the heating system, and this is high priority right now. We have to have the heating system operational before the cold weather comes in October/November. However, once completed the heating system will give us the opportunity to work inside doing positive construction during the winter, which we could not do last year. It will be a great blessing. When I walk through the Family Care Center now days I can almost hear little children playing and making joyful noises in their new and wonderful home. We still need lots of donors to help make this dream a reality. Email Kenny Payne at to see how you can help.

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Jim Claunch said...


It is so evident that you are working so very hard on both sides of the ocean. I am proud to be your brother in Christ. I appreciate all you do to make Palo Alto a strong Christian community. I look forward one day to meeting my brothers and sisters in the Ukraine.

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