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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Growing Babies

For a small church family, we are abundantly blessed with children and teens. We focus a lot of energy on our minstries to children and teens. While some churches like to keep the kids "quiet and out of the way" we decided that Jesus was serious when he sat a child on his lap and encouraged his disciples to become like the child.
As many of you know, our friends Sergei and Luda Korotya adopted a baby last year. His name is Sasha and he is adorable. He is wlking pretty well now and he strolls all over the worship room every Sunday morning. It is fun to watch all the people hold their arms out to Sasha as he gets anywhere near them (yes, I do it, too) and to see the expressions on his face as he decides who to bless with his presence. He, along with Lexi and Katya, are a source of joy for our church family. As long as there are the sounds of little feet and small voices there is continuing life in the church family.

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Lor said...

great to keep up with you through this blog and seeing what is going on in Ukraine

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