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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Garden of Friends

Cross Culture, Inc. has provided assistance for abandoned children in Gorlovka, Ukraine since January 2000. We began dreaming several years ago of building a home for those children that would provide a stable, family atmosphere until they could all find their “forever families.” We have been working on that dream for the past three years and it is close to becoming a reality.
By the end of 2007 we expect that the Family Care Center will be completely renovated and fully operational. But for that to be the case we need your help.
We are beginning a fund raising campaign called “Garden of Friends.” It is a way for you to help us complete the Family Care Center. You can leave a lasting legacy of your gift for all the residents of and visitors to the Family Care Center to see and enjoy.

We need 1,000 friends to give $500 each to complete the project. Your gift will be acknowledged with a granite tile engraved with your name and place of residence. These granite tiles will be used to create our “Garden of Friends” in the courtyard of the Family Care Center. This courtyard will be a wonderful place for our residents to relax and enjoy being outside. The engraved tiles will be a constant reminder of the many friends who cared enough to provide this wonderful place for the children who were once abandoned. Your loving gift will serve as a daily reminder that they are never abandoned by the Lord!

Your gift is much more than a tile in a courtyard, as nice as that will be. It helps provide a loving, caring home for children who otherwise would likely live in an institutional setting and never know what it feels like to live in a family.

If you would like to support the Garden of Friends please print the following information, fill it out and mail it to Cross Culture, Inc.

_____ $500 - One engraved tile
_____ $1,000 - Two engraved tiles
_____ $1,500 - Three engraved tiles

Please engrave my tile(s) with the following information…
Name: ______________________________________________________
City: _______________________________________________________

Please make your check payable to Cross Culture, Inc. and put Garden of Friends in notation. Mail it to Cross Culture, Inc. P.O. Box 505 Luverne, AL 36049.
Your gift is tax deductible for the full amount. You will receive a thank you letter and tax receipt when your gift is received by Cross Culture, Inc. Your gift will be matched by the Barnes Family Foundation. Thanks for your generosity.

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