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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Campus Ministry

One of our goals this fall is to work with the Language Institute and reach out to the many students who study there. Last week we began hosting a class for students on Thursday evenings at the worship room. This week I began teaching three groups of students at the Institute using "The Shack" as a textbook and planning discussions based on the book and passages from the Bible. I had a total of thirty-six students in classes this morning and we had about twenty for the class tonight. Lora cooked Lasagna for the students which - as typical college students - they enjoyed immensely.


Anonymous said...

Kenny, we wanna see photos of 211B group!!!

Kenny, Lora, Leanna, Dima and Lexi Payne said...

Sorry - I did not mean to leave your group out of the post. Thanks for checking out my blog.

The Long Family said...

Hey there, Paynes!
Just a quick hello to let you know we were thinking about you. Let us know next time your in the D.C. area!
The Long's

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