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Sunday, September 28, 2008

College Class

Our Campus Ministry is off to a good start. I am teaching at the Language Institute each Thursday. I have second year students and I am in charge of their home reading assignment. We are reading the novel The Shack and discussing a couple of chapters each week. The students are enjoying it and we will soon be deep into the book and dealing with rather complex theological issues. It has been a long time since I was allowed to teach theology at the Institute.

On Thursday nights we meet at our worship room for a couple of hours. We play games, eat a meal, have a time of worship and then have a lesson. Right now we are studying the life of David. It is well attended and we hope that deep relationships will develop with some of these students.

Last Thursday one of the guys brought a cake! He said, after the good meal you fed me I just had to bring something back to you. That sense of appreciation and generosity took me back over 15 years to my first visit to Ukraine. (This young man was about Lexi's age then!).

We will have our congregational retreat this week in Yalta. Please keep us all in your prayers for safety and a great retreat.

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