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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunrise Service and Easter Sunday

We had a great Easter Sunday in Gorlovka. We started with a sunrise service at "The Sea of Gorlovka" - a large pond on the edge of the city. We rented a bus and took 26 folks to the pond at 5 AM. This was the first time for this event, so we had no idea how it would go. Everyone enjoyed the service and we had breakfast together following at the worship room. We also had our regularly scheduled worship at 10 AM followed by a fellowship meal. There were many visitors for this event. At 2 PM we had two egg hunts, one for young children, hosted at Sasha's home, and one for the older kids at the worship room. I am posting separate posts with pictures about these events so please scroll down to see them.

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Courtney said...

Kenny, I have some questions for you and Lora. Can you email me at frogcourt at yahoo dot com? Thanks!! :)

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