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Thursday, April 16, 2009

ABC Program Update

Today we bought and delivered Pampers and other supplies to the Baby Hospital. Dasha got her driver's license and she drove to purchase the supplies and deliver them. We currently have 16+ children. (We have sixteen that are officially abandoned and then several others who are not technically abandoned, yet their parents are not visiting them or providing any support so we take care of them as well).

The nurses helped us carry the supplies from the car to the first and second floors of the hospital where the children live. I have included several pictures. Then we took a tour of the floors and heard the stories of the various children we are providing for. These stories always touch your heart and cause you to pray for these precious children. We have several children with severe medical conditions and that is always an emotionally difficult thing to see. Please keep all the children and staff in your prayers.

Those who are sponsoring children, please know that your sacrifices are making a tangible difference in the lives of these precious children.

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Anonymous said...

great action !i hope that was for more & more children.& another people will be together with u...

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