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Monday, April 26, 2010

Break-In at Worship Room

Last Thursday we awoke to discover that during the night someone removed the burglar bars from a large window at the worship room, forced entry and stole a lot of things. They made off with the flat panel TV, the surround sound system, a laptop computer and bag, all the DVD/VHS players, a dual burner stove top, a crock pot, two hot pots, and a variety of other things. The police were called, but came only four hours later. We cleaned up the mess, replaced the window pane and burglar bars. All total about $3,500 worth of things were stolen. We do not expect that the police will ever solve this crime. We will just have to replace the items and move on. We will replace the old style wooden windows with new plastic ones (that are much more secure) and we will also add security shades and hopefully an alarm system. While we cannot make the worship room burglar proof, we can fix it so it is more difficult to break into and noisy if someone does.
If anyone has any extra funds that you would like to donate to help us replace the things that were stolen, we would be grateful.

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