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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kids, Kids, Kids

We are grateful to God that we have three great groups of kids in our neighborhood to work with on a weekly basis. There is the group that is around Leanna's age - late high school and college age. We are doing a challenging study Breaking Free by Beth Moore each Saturday and have a game time together on Friday nights. There is the young teen group that is around Dima's age - middle school - and they are together on Saturday for two classes, and on Sunday afternoon for another class. Then there is the little kid's group around Lexi's age who have class on Saturday mornings and during worship on Sunday morning. Altogether we minister to around 50 kids each week in these three groups. I have attached pictures of some of the kid's in the youngest group. Please keep these kids in your prayers. We thank God for the chance to touch these precious lives.

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