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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Classes and Sparrow's Hope Kids

Our classes are going well and are very well attended. Lora had 17 kids at her kids class last Saturday. We are averaging more than 25 kids at our weekend classes and every day the office is open we have around 20 kids coming. Yesterday I finished the shower and laundry room so the boys are showering and doing their laundry at the office now. I also let them ride our bikes yesterday - you would have thought I gave them a million bucks! They had such a great time riding the bikes (several of them put bikes on their "dream list" but the orphanage director said no bikes at the orphanage). It is amazing how grateful these kids are for the things we do for them. The ladies in our church are providing daily food for the boys who do not have cafeteria privileges at their institute. Thanks to all our sponsors who make it possible to work with these kids and teach them of the love Jesus has for them.

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