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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sparrow's Hope Kids Update

The orphanage closed on the last day of August and all the kids have moved to their new homes. On Sunday, September 4, we hosted a picnic for them at the Worship Room followed by a concert with our friends Pasha, Ignat and Artem who make up the band Unbelievable. The kids had a great time. Out of 30 kids living in dormitories and in foster care in the city we had about 25 attend events that weekend. We open the Worship Room from 3 to 7 PM everyday but Monday and they are attending pretty well.

There are seven boys who live in a dorm without showers (if you can imagine that!)and who also do not have cafeteria privileges! Right now Lora and the ladies from our church are feeding them a meal everyday and I give them care packages containing ramen noodles, instant mashed potatoes, cookies, tea, etc. Thanks to our sponsors who make it possible to help these young men. We also give them the opprotunity to shower regularly. They really appreciate the help that we give them. They are also attending our Bible Classes and Game Night each weekend. Please keep the kids in your prayers.

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