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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Great Sunday in Gorlovka

This was our first Sunday back in Ukraine and also International Women's Day. We had a great morning of worship, a warm fellowship following and then a great Bible class for the young teens. There were thirteen present for the Teen Class in the rain.

We are still trying to get over jet lag. It snowed the evening we arrived and was cold for a couple of days, but the past couple of days it has warmed up to over freezing and the snow is melting off quickly. It is supposed to be warmer for the next week - everyone is ready for that.

Thanks for your prayers concerning our safety in travel and for our luggage. This was one of the fastest and easiest trips we have ever made. Our layovers were very short and the total trip only took 24 hours and all our luggage stayed with us the whole way!

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