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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Working with Kids

In 2000 we moved to Ukraine and started working to plant a church in our neighborhood. One of the first things we did was start playing with kids in the neighborhood (Leanna was seven years old). We soon met Dasha and Masha, sisters who lived in our building. Eventually they were both baptized and they are still active in our church family. This afternoon I took Masha and one of our ABC babies to Donetsk for a consultation. Masha has nearly finished medical school and is doing her residency requirements at the Baby Hospital working under Dr. Sergei Korotya. The baby was found abandoned in the snow in January and there are some problems with the child's back due to the exposure (the result of the consultation is that the child should be fine).

Taking Masha to the hospital with one of the ABC children in her arms took me back to those years when Masha was a kid playing in the neighborhood. I remember the time we "prayer walked" around Gorlovka praying for the various things we were working on as a church family at that time. Masha was part of that walk - and one of the places we stopped to pray was the Baby Hospital. It is amazing how God works in and through our lives to lead us in his ways.

We are now working with a whole new generation of kids. It will be great to see what God does in their lives in the coming years.

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Christine said...

What great pictures from the past! I recognize some of those young faces in the last picture... :)
What a blessing to see how the Lord has guided and blessed each step of your faithfulness to Him...He is amazing and all He needs from us is our willingness to follow - He does the rest! Blessings and a hug to Lora and your family. :)

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