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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Update

The weather has warmed up in Gorlovka for the past couple of days. Kids are everywhere - on bikes, in the playground, and on Ripsticks (Dima has two that are shared with the neighborhood kids). Several neighbors have started working in the garden - planting, cleaning and replacing missing bricks. Everyone is ready for winter to depart and spring to arrive.

Classes, worship and events at the church are back to full speed. The College class is Studying the Book of Revelation (their choice!) on Saturday evening. The Young Teens are studying Stories from the Life of Jesus on Sunday afternoon. They also have classes on Friday and Saturday afternoons taught by ladies in the church. The church family is working through the Gospel of John on Sunday, and studying the Book of Deuteronomy on Wednesday night before prayer meeting. (This class was moved from the morning to evening to help boost attendance - it is working). The College class on Thursday night (designed for Institute students) is studying Parables of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke. In addition I have started my Institute classes on the Shack and they are going well.

Please keep the church family here in your prayers. There is a lot of uncertainty right now because of political unrest and the continuing fallout of the global financial crisis. While we are all keeping our eyes on Jesus - the problems are touching the lives of many people we know and love.


Anonymous said...

What's a ripstick?


Kenny Payne said...

It is kind of like a skate board but it only has two wheels and they are casters - meaning they can swivel 360 degrees. Daniel, one of the little boys in the neighborhood who is learning to ride one this week calls it "the death board!" Pretty good name for it.

Anonymous said...

That sounds fun. Is there a weight limit? I may have to try it out when we visit.

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